24 Hours of Le Mans Cars speeds through The Le Mans Chicane during the Rolex 24 on Saturday, Jan.28th,2023.NA Rolex 13

The world’s longest-running endurance race is currently in progress. As part of the FIA calendar, the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race will often grab attention. But due to some inclement weather, the race got a significant ounce of attention. Rainfall on the track caused some slipping and sliding, getting online severe traction.

“Torrential rain in some parts of the circuit. It’s chaos out there!” the 24 Hours of Le Mans Twitter account said on Saturday.

The video showed off several cars dealing with the heavy rainfall. Racecars were seen trying to avoid the rain through the grass, spinning out on the track, and hitting walls, among other disastrous situations. There was one unique look inside a car that spun out. Another vehicle spun out and blasted into a barrier. According to one of the commentators, “all but two cars” ended up in the woods while those two cars were able to finish the race.

Luckily, there don’t appear to be any injuries. Just a lot of spin-outs that, while inconvenient, are certainly drastically better than any alternative. It serves as a situation where you’re reminded that the elements may wind up coming into play now and then. You should hopefully be prepared if so, and the drivers had a lot to deal with during the famed endurance race.

[24 Hours of Le Mans]

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