Lost in the mix of Super Bowl Sunday was a very interesting announcement by Busch Beer. Last November, Busch made a bet going into the final NASCAR race of the season at Homestead that Kevin Harvick would win the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series championship. Harvick was the only driver over 40 with a shot at the title and Busch (the beer, not Kyle or Kurt) tweeted that they would race a very millennial themed paint scheme if Harvick didn’t win the championship.

The car contained no Busch Beer sponsorship but instead contained many emojis and millennial phrases like “yasss,” “fleek,” “bae” and other phrases that this millennial doesn’t say but some of them do.

Busch, and many others, found the humor in this and were rooting against Harvick so he would have to race that paint scheme. When 28-year-old Joey Logano, ironically the youngest of the four, won the championship, we knew we would get this outrageous look.

Last night, Busch revealed that they are set to race this at the Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race this May in Charlotte.

Hopefully, Busch Beer really embraces this. Have Harvick wear a similar fire suit or wear fashionable clothes millennials wear in the days leading up to the race. When companies try to incorporate millennials into their ad campaigns, it usually backfires on them. Sometimes, it pays to just go over-the-top with it and everyone can be in on the joke.

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