In 1985, NASCAR Hall of Famer Bill Elliott won $1 million by winning three of four crown jewel races in the same season. In 2020, Chase Elliott replicated his father’s feat by winning $1 million at NASCAR’s All-Star Race. Chase also followed his father in that Bill won the All-Star Race in Atlanta in 1986, the only other All-Star Race held outside of Charlotte in the 36-year history of the race.

The race itself was a lot calmer than people expected. For a non-points race at Bristol for a million bucks, there probably should’ve been a lot more beating and banging. Instead, track position was very important and cars were too aero dependent that passing (or even bumping) was difficult.

What that caused was a further importance on restart position. Thanks to the choose rule, drivers got the choice to restart on the preferred outside lane or potentially make up a few positions and take a risk restarting in the inside lane. That at least made things somewhat interesting. Other experiments like lights placed under the back of the car or the car number being placed toward the rear tire in order to increase sponsor placement, are a work in progress.

Other than a Stage 1 win by Ryan Blaney, Elliott dominated for the majority of the second half, winning Stages 2 and 3, along with the final 15 lap shootout. It won’t go down in history as the greatest All-Star Race in history but it’ll be one many fans will still enjoy thanks to Chase Elliott.

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