Two years ago, Dale Earnhardt Jr. casually revealed that he was making himself his favorite kind of sandwich. It wasn’t peanut butter and jelly or a bologna sandwich, it was a banana and mayonnaise sandwich.

Yes, banana and mayonnaise. Two things that sound like they would be terrible together but Dale Jr. swears by it.

Now with NBCSN, Dale Jr. got a chance to show us all how he makes his banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. It doesn’t seem too difficult, everyone who has access to bread, mayonnaise and bananas can make one.

I have never had a banana and mayonnaise sandwich so I’m not going to criticize the decision and trust Dale that it tastes great. With Dale becoming a rather next month, he’s going to be making plenty of sandwiches for his daughter in the future so let’s hope she likes banana and mayonnaise sandwiches.

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