during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway on July 7, 2016 in Sparta, Kentucky.

The great thing about NASCAR is there is no speed limit during the races. It seems like Dale Earnhardt Jr. forgot about that on his way to a race.

It seems like there would be more stories like this, but oddly enough there aren’t. Anyway, Dale Earnhardt Jr. was in fact pulled over for speeding on his way to the AAA Texas 500.

That’s an A+ level troll job by none other than Earnhardt Jr.’s fiancée, Amy Reimann.

Earnhardt Jr. hasn’t raced since the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Kentucky way back on July 9th as he’s been dealing with a concussion. Despite not being able to race, Earnhardt Jr. has still been attending the races. That’s how he was able to get a speeding ticket on his way to a race he wasn’t even going to be driving in!

Earnhardt Jr. and Reimann were repeatedly asked on Twitter how fast the race car driver was going, but neither admitted the truth, they only danced around it.

Back in September, Earnhardt Jr. said he’d miss the remainder of the season, but plans on driving his No. 88 Chevrolet at the start of next season at the Daytona 500.

The lesson here is to observe the speed limits and all time and that Earnhardt Jr. may have thought Ricky Bobby was a real race driver when he appeared in his move.


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