Formula 1 was in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon, and Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing was able to win the event.

Despite the impressive performance from Verstappen and his team, that may have not been the biggest takeaway from the event for fans.

Many took notice of former NASCAR and IndyCar driver Danica Patrick, who was on Sky Sports‘ coverage of the event.

She drew some rave reviews for her job this weekend, with many calling for her to be a full-time staple for Formula 1 coverage.

Patrick has been used by Sky Sports for their coverage of Formula 1 in the past, but she has typically been designated for the coverage of events in the United States.

She has also worked as an analyst for NASCAR, IndyCar, and SRX following her retirement from racing in 2018, so it might not be possible for her to center all her time on Formula 1 going forward.

While it may be unclear exactly which racing circuit Patrick will be covering in the future, it appears clear that she will have a future for one or all of them in the future as an analyst.

Patrick has been a historic figure in racing as the most influential female driver in the sport for quite some time. It now appears that she may be on her way to being one of the most influential women in racing media going forward.

[Photo from David Kirouac/USA Today Sports]

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