Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott

Denny Hamlin did not hold back Monday after he crashed out of the Coca-Cola 600, claiming Chase Elliott intentionally ran him into the wall.

The crash, on lap 186 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, destroyed Hamlin’s car, but it didn’t hurt his radio, which revealed Hamlin’s message to his crew: “****ing bulls***. They need to park his ****ing ass.”

Hamlin cleaned up his comments for his interview with Fox Sports soon afterward, but his message remained clear: He says Elliott wrecked him intentionally, and he should be suspended.

“I got right-rear hooked in the middle of the straightaway,” Hamlin said. “It’s a tantrum and he shouldn’t be racing next week. Right-rear hooks are absolutely unacceptable. … It’s the same thing Bubba Wallace did with Kyle Larson. Exact same. He (Elliott) shouldn’t be racing.”

Hamlin was referencing the incident last October at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, in which Wallace hooked Larson into the wall, earning a one-race suspension. Elliott definitely turned Hamlin in a similar fashion.


Elliott denied he’d retaliated, saying that after Hamlin bumped him into the wall, it destroyed his car’s handling. The accident ended his day as well.

Many NASCAR fans and observers on Twitter thought Elliott was out of line, but a surprising number turned it around and said Hamlin has no room to talk.

[Photo Credit: Fox Sports]

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