NASCAR does some cool things regarding how their cars look on the track. A car can have various paint schemes throughout a season depending on if it’s a different sponsor or some sort of special occasion like the Daytona 500, All-Star Race or Darlington’s throwback weekend.

In NASCAR, the names “Talladega” and “Earnhardt” are synonymous. Talladega is unofficially Earnhardt country as Dale Earnhardt (10) and Dale Jr. (6) combined for 16 career wins at Talladega. At his final race as a full-time competitor, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is doing something special for his fans at the place he is most beloved.

100,000 lucky Dale Jr. fans will be able to have their name on his Mountain Dew Chevrolet at his final Talladega race this October. If you go to, you just need to submit your first and last name and email address and you are in the “Ride with Jr.” contest. If you are one of the 100,000 people randomly selected, you will be notified a few weeks before the race and will let you know where your name is on the car.

Dale Jr. and Mountain Dew did the same thing in 2009 at Talladega and put 100,000 names on his race car. The black and green paint scheme with the names displayed all over the car really looked sharp. I even signed up and was lucky enough to be chosen to have my name on the car. I even got to see that car race in person as I was at that race. My name was placed on the front of the car, in that space between the front bumper and the splitter so it would have been incredibly tough to see my name, but at least I got to (figuratively) lead nine laps and finish 11th at a Talladega NASCAR race with the most popular driver.

You can see Dale Jr.’s car with 100,000 people’s names at the Talladega race on October 15.

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