Olympic gymnasts dedicate their entire young lives being as thin as possible and put on insane moves that leave us spellbound. I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as car gymnastics but if there is, Grave Digger deserves some sort of gold medal for what it did.

The legendary monster truck and driver Tyler Menninga tried to break a record for doing a nose wheelie and keep it going. It looks more like someone trying to do a handstand and them moving around trying to balance their weight.

This is very impressive. It has to be tough for Menninga to not only shift between forward and reverse and feel his way on how the weight is shifting but has to do it while he’s strapped in a monster truck perpendicular to the ground. It also seems impossible that something that big to be versatile enough to (intentionally) be able to do something like that.

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1 thought on “Grave Digger monster truck deserves gold medal for doing a minute-long handstand

  1. That monster truck surely got a good balance standing on its enormous front tires. Reminds me of the buddy’s truck project fitting 37″ tires, kmc truck wheels, rancho shocks, etc. Those tires are really heavy.

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