Devlin DeFrancesco

The NTT IndyCar season lasted about three turns before an extraordinary crash brought out the red flag. Thankfully, everyone escaped serious injury, but Devlin DeFrancesco was drilled and launched in the air on the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida.

The crash started as Scott Dixon got wide and Felix Rosenqvist ran out of room as the wall curved in. Rosenqvist hit the wall and was slow with damage, and the others behind him crashed.

The most serious part of the crash was DeFrancesco, as he got drilled in the side by rookie Benjamin Pedersen.

This could’ve been a lot worse than what it was. DeFrancesco was hit in the weakest part of the car, and a driver who gets hit in the side where their legs and feet are, can sometimes be seriously injured. Alex Zanardi lost his legs in a similar crash, though the car who hit him was going twice as fast as Pedersen was.

To show how scary it could be, the in-car view of Conor Daly showed him barely get through the crash while DeFrancesco was launched beside him.

Even though the cars were coming around a blind corner, Pedersen appeared to not even slow down as he plowed into DeFrancesco. The last place cars, some of them rookies, may not have the experience to navigate a crash with the fast closing speed as an IndyCar, but it’s still bad when you’re crashing into a stationary car at full speed. You can see it in Daly’s car. He had to react fast, but he slowed down enough to navigate through safely. Pedersen didn’t and just bowled through DeFrancesco.

IndyCar driver Sage Karam, and many others noted the apparent lack of awareness from Pedersen that resulted in more carnage.

[Photo: @IndyCar]

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