Photo: @JimmieJohnson

Darlington’s annual “throwback weekend” for the Southern 500 is a bit less organized than in past years, but some teams are still participating. Some go conventional and model a notable paint scheme from years past, others go with a different look but still has a throwback feel. And then there’s what Jimmie Johnson is doing for his final full season in NASCAR.

A seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, Johnson’s paint scheme is honoring fellow seven-time champs Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. Instead of doing a Petty throwback or an Earnhardt throwback, Johnson just combined the two and came up with this.

This isn’t the best looking car in a physical sense but that’s not really the point. While it’s not the most visually appealing car, it’s the message behind it that will make this one of the most beautiful cars on the track. It’s a way to honor two of the best drivers in NASCAR history as you’re about to enter that very same history.

This is Johnson’s final full NASCAR season and talking to Dale Earnhardt Jr. on The Dale Jr. Download, he is seeking funding to do the IndyCar road and street course races. If there was one race for Johnson to get one more win, it would be a special moment if that happened in this car.

[Photo: @JimmieJohnson]

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