Kevin Harvick

The start of the 2023 NASCAR season is weeks away and a few drivers have already made noise. Long-time NASCAR Kevin Harvick recently discussed his future plans on a podcast, including how he looks to spend his retirement.

“At the end of the year, I’m done Cup racing,” Harvick said. “What that legacy is when we get to the end of 2023, that’s what it is. I’m fortunate to have been able to accomplish a lot of things in the sport. I feel really comfortable with where I’m at as far as what I’ve been able to do and there are other things that I want to do.”

Harvick said his new focus will be geared toward building up his son Keelan’s racing career and helping him climb up through the ranks. What also influenced him was his relationship with his father. He seems to want to have a better relationship with his son than his dad had with him.

“It got to a point with my dad where I didn’t speak to him for 10-15 years so it was a big wedge but there were a lot of things that were right as far as handling things and pushing past barriers,” he said. “I’m pretty strict with Keelan as far as being responsible for the things he does. And sometimes it’s a little too far but I think we’ve found a pretty good balance. How do you know you are pushing your kid too far unless you push him too far? You don’t know how it’s going to affect him unless you get right up to that edge.”

Despite his looming retirement, he was still very competitive last year. Harvick won a race in Richmond that qualified him for the NASCAR Cup Series Championship.


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