Kyle Busch notched a victory on Sunday at the NASCAR Food City Dirt Race. While it was his first win on the dirt track, it was his sixth victory overall at the event. However, what many racing fans were more focused on was a joke he made involving the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. while celebrating the win.

Busch was being interviewed by Fox’s Jamie Little after the race and, hearing the boos rain down from the nearby crowd, he made a reference to the iconic NASCAR driver to make a point.

“I feel like Dale Earnhardt Sr. right now,” Busch said. “I didn’t even do anything.”

While Earnhardt is remembered fondly, he did get showered in boos on occasion for various reasons. So it was an understandable reference. However, there was certainly a mixed reaction from fans regarding how they felt about hearing Busch name-check the legend in reference to himself.

Some fans thought it was pretty funny while others found it to be a disrespectful reference.

Busch has been making headlines in recent weeks with comments like these. A few weeks back he caused some controversy when he accused Alex Bowman of “backing in” to a victory and he was criticized heavily for saying it.

Still, none of that has stopped Busch from talking back to critics and having a little fun with his comments.

Love him or hate him, Busch remains one of the top drivers in NASCAR. He’ll have a chance to keep the momentum up, on the track and off it, at the GEICO 500 at the Talladega Speedway this weekend.

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