Kyle Busch's hauler scraped off the top of a pedestrian bridge Thursday.

Kids, architecture is important. That’s what ISM Raceway (formerly Phoenix Raceway, in Avondale, Arizona) learned Thursday, as their parade ahead of Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race was interrupted when Kyle Busch’s hauler proved too high to clear a new pedestrian bridge. The collision comes offscreen near the 35-second mark here:

Sheree, who tweeted that video, added that her dad was hit by a piece flying off the hauler, but that he’s okay:

Here’s a look at the hauler post-collision:

This is a pedestrian bridge that was added as part of the $178 million in renovations to the racetrack ahead of this year’s races. But it seems someone built it too low for NASCAR haulers, or at least for Busch’s hauler. Whoops.

[Arend Sheree on Twitter; photo from Colleen Gibson on Twitter]

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