A recent story has resurfaced about 2021 NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Larson.

In 2018 Kyle Busch stated that he thought NASCAR wasn’t doing enough to promote Larson, then an up-and-coming superstar.

Busch also thought the sport was “stupid” to promote Chase Elliott and Bubba Wallace more than Larson but this statement was made before Elliott won the regular season championship this year and before Wallace had his huge win at Talladega last year.

“There’s zero in the win column for a guy like Chase Elliott,” Busch said, per Michelle R. Martinelli, USA Today. “There’s zero for Bubba Wallace, Erik Jones — all those guys. (Kyle) Larson’s out there. He’s young, he’s winning and they need to push him.”

One would think that since then, Busch has changed his mind, especially in regards to Elliott who won the regular season cup title this year. He along with Wallace, have proven themselves to be not only pretty good drivers but fan favorites as well.

But at the time, even brother Kurt agreed with Kyle’s assessment.

“I think Kyle’s saying is these guys are being given a free pass — so to speak — become a superstar, and we haven’t seen their success on track translate to what’s being shown to the world.”

Maybe one reason Larson isn’t pushed hard by NASCAR is because of a racial slur he used back in 2020, which turned a lot of fans off. Although later Larson did apologize, a lot of fans haven’t forgotten.

All three drivers have found success over the years on the track, which has turned out well for NASCAR who needed young blood in what some thought was a dying sport.

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