May 22, 2022; Fort Worth, Texas, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch (18) wrecks during the All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday night brought NASCAR fans a treat with the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series All-Star race that saw Ryan Blaney take home the victory. But that was far from the only noteworthy storyline within this race.

Cup Series racer Kyle Busch started the race in first and held that place through 47 laps, but unfortunately had car issues that caused him to slow down and indirectly caused a dangerous accident that took two other drivers down with him.

Ross Chastain slammed into the back of Busch’s car, which then made his car lose control. He took out Chase Elliott with him, resulting in all three cars suffering severe damage that knocked them out of the race.

The crash looked especially dangerous for Chastain who went airborne in the wreck. Luckily, all three drivers did not suffer any serious injuries.

Many racing fans took to social media following the wreck and were happy to hear that all three drivers escaped any serious damage.

It appeared to be a tire issue for Busch, which many NASCAR fans seemed to take notice of.

It was clear that Busch was having a severe issue with his tires, and it looked like he was attempting to get out of the way and avoid any crashes, but this sent him right into Chastain.

An otherwise fun and exciting race may have gotten overshadowed by this dangerous crash. But ultimately Busch, Chastain, and Elliott all appear to have escaped without serious injuries, which is great to hear.


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