NASCAR Brasil Sprint Race

Most NASCAR fans probably missed it, but a new racing series launched Sunday — and things got crazy at the end.

The NASCAR Brasil Sprint Race, the sanctioning body’s fourth international series, held its inaugural event at Brazil’s Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna.

Let’s face it, most American motorsports fans will have no interest in this series, unless something bizarre happens. What happened late in Sunday’s race definitely fits that bill.

A crash late in the race changed some drivers’ fortunes. One of the drivers involved in the incident, after having his car towed off, walked out onto the race track, under the green flag, to make angry gestures at a fellow driver.

It’s not unusual for NASCAR Cup drivers to confront another driver under caution, but it’s incredibly dangerous to do that under the green flag. As one fan noted on Twitter, “That’s how you get run over.”

Fans thought this sequence of events was crazy.

[Eric Sturrock; Photo credit: Eric Sturrock]

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