On Thursday, NASCAR notified Home Tracks that driver Jake Crum will have his license suspended for the rest of the 2023 season in all NASCAR-sanctioned events.

The significant penalty comes after Crum was arraigned on simple assault charges against former NASCAR driver Robert Huffman.

Motorsports journalist Matt Weaver tweeted, “UPDATE: NASCAR has notified its member Home Tracks that Jake Crum has had his license suspended for the remainder of the 2023 season for all events it sanctions.”

An incident occurred over the weekend at Hickory Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Crum and Hoffman got into an altercation that eventually saw the former stomping the latter in a shocking video caught by a bystander. That incident led to charges being brought to Crum, from which he posted bail. But now, NASCAR has barred him from competing in any events at any of its Home Tracks.

According to Weaver, who wrote on Short Track Scene, “The Huffmans allege that Crum, who was spotting for his wife, ‘clotheslined’ the elder Huffman, who was spotting for his son, from behind and started to kick him in the face while down.”

Outside of a significant ban from the NASCAR circuit, this is about the toughest penalty that they could hand out to Crum, given the nature of this incident. Weaver said that the letter submitted’s purpose is to notify tracks that “he is barred from participation and ineligible to purchase a license until 2024.”

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