It makes sense that NASCAR has a very specific set of required equipment for driver safety, but one specific requirement has just been updated and it’s going absolutely viral in the racing world.

As racing reporter Jeff Gluck of The Athletic shared on Tuesday afternoon, NASCAR has made several updates to its safety rules, making a few items that were once listed as “recommended” now “required.”

“NASCAR has updated its safety rules to make these driver items mandatory instead of just recommended,” Gluck said in a Tweet.

As Gluck points out, NASCAR now requires drivers to wear a head sock and/or a helmet skirt, underwear, and socks.

And that middle requirement – underwear – has gotten quite a bit of attention from the NASCAR world, which had plenty to say about the rule change.

“there are two eras in nascar: the pre-mandatory-underwear era (1949-2022) and the modern era (2023). all stats have been reset,” NASCAR reporter Steve Luvender said in a tweet.

“Will this be part of a post-race inspection?” NASCAR YouTuber Eric Estepp said in a tweet.

“Do some racers really not wear socks and underwear in the racecar?? (Not judging but kinda judging not gonna lie),” former racecar driver Julia Landauer said in a tweet.

“TIL underwear was simply a recommendation for drivers. Also, bless the officials responsible for checking,” NASCAR writer Zach Sturniolo said in a tweet.

It’s worth noting that underwear is required for very serious safety reasons. But that doesn’t make the requirement any less hilarious.

[Jeff Gluck]