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The finish line is always going to be a place where some of the biggest storylines emerge from any NASCAR Cup Series or Xfinity Series race. However, it’s not often that the finish line is involved with a wild situation while the race is still happening.

That was the case on Saturday when Josh Williams parked his car on the finish line and got out following news that he had been penalized over debris on the track.

After Williams’ car was hit while racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway, a piece of debris fell off his car and onto the track. According to a NASCAR rule, if a damaged vehicle doesn’t enter pit road at the first opportunity, the car can incur a penalty or not be permitted to continue racing.

That’s what happened to Williams, who was told to end his race, and he decided that he would simply park his car at the finish line, get out, and walk away.

As you can imagine, the NASCAR world had a lot to say about the shocking incident.

Even Antonio Brown, whose own antics were paralleled to what Williams did, had a reaction to it.

It will certainly be interesting to see how NASCAR and the Xfinity Series respond to Williams’ move. They’re probably not going to look too kindly on the maneuver during a race, but plenty of fans seem to love the bravado on display.

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