Briar Starr gets his resume and contact info on a NASCAR car thanks to a Natty Light contest.

Trying to get your first job out of college can be a nightmare. All the accolades you racked up and activities you participated in don’t mean a whole lot when employers are trying to figure out who they want to hire. Any angle you can find to get people to notice you and your skills is a good one. And that’s perhaps especially true if you’re trying to land a place in a sports media world that’s facing more and more challenges all the time.  So with that in mind, freelance journalist Briar Starr of Burdick, Kansas is going to have a prime opportunity to get in front of potential employers this Sunday.

Starr won a contest hosted by Natty Light to have his selfie headshot, work experience, skills, phone number, and email all appear on Chris Buescher’s #37 car for the South Point 400 race in Vegas on Sunday.

“I just graduated college and quickly realized how hard it is to land a job right away,” Starr said in an announcement posted on “I saw Natty Light was going to help someone get noticed, help them get a job, and had to send in my resume. To win something like this, it’s so cool! Especially since I’m a huge racing fan and want to kick off my professional career in NASCAR.”

Per his LinkedIn profile, Starr recently graduated from Emporia State University. He’s worked for and a local ESPN radio affiliate.

If nothing else, the racing media has certainly taken notice of the unique campaign. Given Starr’s professional interests appear to be in that realm, that’s a pretty good crowd to consider.

Keep an eye out for Starr’s byline to see if this campaign pays off.


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