Noah Gragson Apr 23, 2023; Talladega, Alabama, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Noah Gragson (42) at Talladega Superspeedway. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Gragson proved his competitiveness when he showed off his new look at Dover Motor Speedway.

Gragson showed up and revealed a bowl cut that he got Friday night.

Obviously, the first thought is to ask Gragson if he lost a bet. There was a bet attached as Gragson revealed that Austin Dillon bet him $100 that he wouldn’t get a bowl cut. Gragson clearly plays to win, and now, Gragson wants his $100 from Dillon.


Gragson owned his bowl cut with confidence, which is half the battle when rocking a new haircut. When interviewed by Fox Sports, he even threw in a plug for his sponsor Wendy’s, saying his haircut was “Crispy like Wendy’s fries.”

Many in the NASCAR world had fun processing Gragson’s new hairdo.

Many people want to say Gragson lost the bet because he had to get a bowl cut, but he won $100. Gragson getting the haircut was what won him the bet. Dillon lost. Although, if seeing one of his competitors with a bowl cut on national TV was worth $100 to Austin Dillon, you could argue he didn’t lose either.

If Noah Gragson proved anything to all of us, it’s not to bet him to do anything.


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