Public breakups are one of the worst feelings imaginable. One of the most public break ups in the world is happening before our very eyes with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It feels gross, it isn’t something as a viewing public that we should be oogling and ogling at for our enjoyment. In the case of Kurt Busch, his very public break up with Patricia Driscoll only continues to get brought up as more and more charges seem to keep sticking to his ex-girlfriend.

It is believed that Driscoll stole from a military charity that she led and because of it has been pressed with charges. The initial court documents don’t state how much they believe was stolen. ESPN acquired documents though that state that the “foundation has become aware of suspected misappropriations” by Driscoll totaling more than $599,000 for the years 2006 to 2014. It says she misused money for meals, travel, parking tickets, makeup and personal gifts.

Driscoll has been indicted on seven federal charges including wire fraud, mail fraud and tax evasion. It is believed that Driscoll is going to turn herself over to the authorities on Wednesday as part of her plea.

The foundation, the Armed Forces Foundation has been investigated by the FBI and IRS since an Outside the Lines report that called into question multiple practices she undertook while she was executive director.

Some of the initial findings from that Outside the Line report include:

• Documents show the Armed Forces Foundation had, in effect, been repeatedly used as a bank to lend money for or pay various personal expenses, including bills for a private company Driscoll owns.

• The nonprofit’s federal tax filings and audit reports in some instances failed to match, resulting in unexplained discrepancies about the amount of cash on hand, the mismatches totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

• Until May 4, 2015, the foundation paid Driscoll and another person $96,000 in annual rent for its headquarters — a building they co-owned — which is operating in apparent violation of Washington zoning regulations.

During their very public breakup, Busch was accused of physically and verbally abusing her in 2014. No charges were pressed as law enforcement officials say that there was not enough physical evidence. NASCAR suspended him for a few races, including the Daytona 500, before reinstating him.

The situation only seems to be continuing to get weirder as more info comes out. Hopefully at some point soon, both can get closure.


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