More often than not, we face the bad things regarding social media but every once in a while, we’re reminded of the good that social media can bring. NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Ryan Vargas picked up sponsorship from “The Big Squeezy,” a chain of Louisiana juice bars owned by New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, for this weekend’s race on the Daytona Road Course. The sponsorship deal is one thing but the story of how the deal came together is pretty cool.

It started on Monday when Vargas tweeted that his #6 JD Motorsports Chevy was unsponsored entering the weekend. Sponsorship is huge in NASCAR for driver and team. Sponsors bring money and money brings performance and results. For a driver, sponsors bring job security. For 20-year-old Vargas, racing is a part of his job but you can argue that a bigger part of his job is being a salesperson, meeting with potential sponsors to show why they would be a great fit to team up together. Over the past year, Vargas inked deals with TikTok and Swann Security.

Around the same time Vargas was out and about seeking a sponsor, Kamara was looking to invest in NASCAR. Kamara has just recently become a NASCAR fan and has been enthusiastic in learning all about the sport. After tweeting about learning about team ownership, fans added two and two together to pair up Kamara and Vargas and Kamara was intrigued.

One thing led to another and two days later, a deal was announced to put The Big Squeezy on the #6 this weekend.

Sponsorship doesn’t take as much of a time or money commitment as team ownership but Kamara’s enthusiasm in being a sponsor is great to see. This weekend gives Kamara a glimpse into what it’s like to get in on the business side of NASCAR and Vargas gets a sponsor for Saturday’s race. It’s a win-win for everyone and who knows what the future brings for this group.

[Photo: @RyanVargas_23]

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