Except for maybe pigeon’s, birds have a innate ability to fly out of the way when any person or thing gets anywhere close to them. That cannot be said about these two seagulls.

During the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal Sunday, title contender Sebastian Vettel locked up the brakes in his Ferrari to avoid running over two seagulls on the track enjoying the race a bit too closely.

Vettel said after the race that he didn’t want to run over the birds going into turn 1 of the course and went wide from the racing groove.

“The lap before the Virtual Safety Car I arrived into Turn 1 and I see this stupid couple of seagulls,” said Vettel, who finished runner-up.

“Just sitting there – all relaxed. I’m coming along at speed and my car is like red, it’s easy to see, it doesn’t blend in like yours [pointing at Hamilton].

“It wasn’t a pigeon, it was a seagull, I could see the beak. I didn’t know their names, but they were there. It was the worst moment of my race.”

Because the race is on an island in Montreal, the Canadian GP has seen some weird moments involving animals crossing the track during F1 races, mostly groundhogs.

Add birds to another animal avoiding death during the Canadian Grand Prix. In the end, Vettel remained 2nd, losing to Lewis Hamilton.

[Motorsport/Photo: @ScuderiaFerrari]

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