Jess West designing a male romper

The male romper is a terrible joke that is sadly a real male fashion statement. I will never be wearing one and hope you, the man or woman reading this, won’t either. That’s right,t nobody should wear a male romper.

Jess West is a costume designer in Indianapolis and she recently made a casual male romper joke on Facebook. Well, one thing led to another, and now tons of people want to buy her Indy-500-themed male rompers before the Sunday May 28th race.

Here was the joke:

The joke resulted in a ridiculous increase in traffic to her website and a packed bank account. Previously, West mostly made racing-themed costumes, but now she is making $125 Indy 500 themed male rompers. Classic chain of events.

“That is what people associate with the Indy 500 – American racing,” West told reporters according to For The Win. “That’s what everybody likes to wear here, and I wanted to combine that with the checkers because just looking at it, it’s a great contrast and visually exciting.”

Here is the romper fans are going wild for:

That’s a lot of American flags and a ton of patriotism.

West is putting her own personal touch on nearly every single romper. With the help of three other women, she is personally fitting every customer who comes in before they take home their prized possessions. According to For The Win, West is getting so many requests for the rompers that she may make similar ones for the Fourth of July.

Some of the aspects of the rompers customers can expect to be discussed during their fittings include how long or short the shorts should be, the tightness around the waste, and of course the zipper.

“From a woman’s standpoint, I’ve had to go to the restroom wearing a romper, and it’s really difficult to do,” West said. “And for this, they’re wearing these to be rowdy, so what’s funnier than an exposed zipper? And that’s everyone’s first question for me, ‘How am I going to go to the bathroom?’ I got you.”

“I wanted something that was loud,” she said. “I want to call them rowdy rompers or racing rompers.”

When I watched the below video last year, the first thing I thought was “wow there aren’t nearly enough patriotic rompers in the crowd!”

But hey, this has certainly worked out well for West.

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