We had a good old-fashioned angry driver post-crash fight today.

It comes to us courtesy of a Stadium Super Trucks series race at Mid-Ohio, where the holiday weekend spirit was apparently not enough to keep drivers Bill Hynes and Bo LeMastus from coming to blows after an incident.

What was enough to keep them from coming to blows: the fact that one didn’t want to take his helmet off, while the other one understandably didn’t want to get into a fight with a guy who refused to take his helmet off, making him one of the first sports combatants to realize how foolish it might be to take a swing at a helmeted opponent.

But, anyway, it’s somehow even more silly than I’ve made it out to be so far. Watch it for yourself:

The steering wheel fling from a distance is an A+ moment of absurdity, as is the eventual helmet destruction. But my god, what a ridiculously silly display here. One guy won’t take his helmet off, while the other sort of dances and shuffles around like he’s in a musical street fight.

All in all: a perfect encapsulation of America for the Fourth of July.

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