It’s getting later in the summer, which means it’s the season of big-name European soccer teams barnstorming the globe in search of easy paydays for friendlies. Is it the best way to prepare for the lengthy season? Probably not, but hey, when you have the chance to take part in prestigious events like the International Champions Cup, you have to do it!

The Singapore leg of the International Champions Cup (there are somehow three of these things going on at once) brings us these highlights from Inter Milan and Chelsea. The game finished 2-1 in favor of Inter, but Chelsea never put the ball in the back of the net. Their only goal was delivered by Inter defender Geoffrey Kondogbia.

The Frenchman attempted a firm backpass from a distance much closer to the halfway line than his own goal, but his efforts were foiled by a bad bounce and worse luck:

That truly was the kind of world-class finishing the good people of Singapore expected to see. Fortunately, Inter won, and extra fortunately, it didn’t really count for anything.

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