Every now and then, we get video of amazing athletic feats from high school competitors that you will likely never see even on a professional level.

This was one of those instances, in a match between two Colorado high schools in ThunderRidge and Columbine. After the ball was booted, junior Dylan Prichett-Ettner flipped over the keeper, landed on his feet, and was able to put the ball in for the spectacular goal.

As 9News points out, it turned out that the goal didn’t count. The referees decided that Prichett-Ettner was offside, and that the goal wouldn’t count. But it was still a spectacular play nonetheless.

Despite being offside, the goal should have counted just for the athletic feat that was bestowed upon the field.

If I’m Dylan, I’m still bragging about that goal even though it didn’t count. Everybody is going to hear about that at every family reunion, and on holidays.


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