An Argentine fourth-division team brought in this Homer Simpson meme for their keeper's kit.

The GIF of Homer Simpson backing into the bushes to get away from pesky neighbor Ned Flanders, originally from fifth-season The Simpsons episode “Homer Loves Flanders” way back in 1994 but since given life as a meme for everything from English soccer fans to Sean Spicer, has now made its way to a fourth-division Argentine soccer team’s jerseys. Ferro de General Pico have received plenty of attention for this:

The green is a nice background for this, but this is an interesting choice for a keeper’s kit. Is it supposed to illustrate him feeling shame after letting in a goal? Or just that a fourth-division Argentine side is eager to make some headlines? If latter, mission accomplished. But we eagerly await the team that will go with jerseys based off Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes


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