BBC released its annual “Price of Football” study that looks at things like season ticket prices, away ticket prices, shirt prices and even the price for a pie or spot of tea.

It shouldn’t be a surprise but the big teams in England typically have the most expensive prices when it comes to season tickets as well as most things.

When it comes to the cheapest season ticket, four teams break the £600 ($792) mark for the most expensive minimum price for a season ticket. Arsenal (£891/$1,176), Chelsea (£750/$990), Liverpool (£685/$904) and Tottenham (£645/$851). While they may be top of the table, the two Manchester teams are actually a bit lower. Manchester City certainly has a lower price, with their cheapest ticket being £299 ($395) while Manchester United is set at £532 ($702).

If you’re looking for the cheapest of the cheapest season tickets, you’ll need to go to places like Huddersfield Town (£100/$132), West Ham (£289/$381), Stoke (£294/$388), Manchester City (£299/$395) and Burnley (£329/$434).

Huddersfield Town even topped the list for having the lowest cost for their most expensive season ticket and it’s not even close. The most anyone pays for a season ticket at Kirklees Stadium is (£299/$395), which is less than the price of 16/20 teams have for their cheapest season ticket. Next was West Brom at £499 ($658). Four teams break the £1,000 ($1,320) mark for their most expensive season ticket and they all come from London. Arsenal (£1,769/$2,334), Tottenham (£1,700/$2,243), Chelsea (£1,250/$1,649) and West Ham (£1,155/$1,523) are in four figures.

Even though big teams typically have the most expensive things, you can find bargains within those top six teams. Along with Man City’s season ticket prices, Liverpool has the cheapest single game ticket in the Premier League at £9 ($12) for those who live near Anfield. Chelsea has some of the cheapest prices for pie and tea at £2.50 ($3.30) and £1.29 ($1.58) respectively.

What may be a worrying trend is that the prices for lower English leagues like the Championship are starting to rival the Premier League. It’s not knocking on the doors of the most expensive tickets in the Premier League but Norwich is charging £500 ($659) and £857 ($1,130) for their season tickets. That’s pretty high for a lower league team.

Check out all the info, they have numbers on the entire Football League as well as below them, the Women’s Super League, the Scottish, Irish and Welsh leagues and selected teams in Europe. It’s a very eye-opening study.


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