Arsene Wenger struggling with his coat.

Arsene Wenger’s 1996-2018 tenure managing Arsenal is known for many things, but one of the most memorable repeated images may be of him struggling to zip up his long trenchcoat. There’s a whole compilation of Wenger zipper fails, even (language warning on the associated music):

Well, we now have Wenger’s explanation for why he had issues with the coat. As part of a longer sitdown interview for beIN Sports (which can be viewed in full here), Richard Keys asked Wenger about the zipper struggles (thanks to online prompting from fans), and Wenger gave quite the response:

“Yes, in fact I improved in that,” Wenger said. Keys asked “Were you conscious of the battle you used to have with that?” and Wenger responded, “Yes, I was  conscious of that! They are too long and sometimes the zipper didn’t work. I struggled a lot with that. But, in the end, because people were showing it, I was conscious that I was under scrutiny when I was doing it!”

Finally, closure to one of English soccer’s longest-running dramas. It’s not every day you see an interview dive into a manager’s inability to zip up his coat, but this was definitely funny.

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  1. He’s not wrong that sometimes it’s hard to zip long ones, but he did have more struggles than most.

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