A kangaroo ran on the pitch in an Australian soccer match.

It’s not uncommon to see people run on the field during a sporting event (even if it sometimes ends poorly for them), but a kangaroo invading the pitch is a little different. That happened during a women’s semi-pro soccer match in Australia, though, and the kangaroo got quite into it, lying in front of a goal during halftime, reacting to balls kicked at it, and then darting down the pitch during play in the second half.

We can add this to the roster of unusual animals invading sporting events, from squirrels to snakes to birds to foxes to possums to a moose. And we’ve seen kangaroos involved in sports before, too. But this one’s remarkable for how long it went on, and for the impressive speed the kangaroo demonstrated. It didn’t present great on-ball skills, but with that kind of speed, it could generate some breakaways. Or maybe it should just join the track team…

[For The Win]

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