Advertisements are getting more and more realistic. As they become more integrated into sports, it is interesting to see how players and fans react to them.

Thiago, a Spanish born midfielder that plays for Bayern Munich, had a bit of a mishap when he tried to pass the ball across the pitch to… Santa Claus?

The advertisement that scrolled the length of the field was incredibly distracting from a fan’s perspective. I can’t even begin to understand what that would be like for a player in a pressure filled match, especially considering Bayern was wearing their red and white kits, just like Santa’s red and white suit.

Luckily for Thiago and his club, they were able to defeat RB Leipzig 3-0 to go into the Bundesliga’s winter break at the top of the table. This won’t be the moment the day will be remembered by. Heck, even Thiago was able to score and put an exclamation point on the game.

This likely won’t be the first or last time we see a player interact with an advertisement like this. It’s surprising that it actually hasn’t happened sooner.

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