Germany national team Photo: @DFB_Team_EN

The eyes of the world will be on Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and each of the 32 countries usually brings out something special to wear for the tournament.

Some countries have done a great job releasing some beautiful kits this year, and these are the best five:


2022 France Home kit2022 France Away kit

5. France

France went plain, which I usually don’t like because the concept is so overplayed, but it paid off here. The gold crest accented on a dark blue shirt makes for a sharp design that honestly could be worn in business casual settings, while the white kit has just enough detail to make it unique.


2022 Japan Home kit2022 Japan Away kit

4. Japan

Japan usually designs beautiful-looking kits, and they knocked it out of the park once again. I really like how the sleeves pop on the white kit. I would’ve preferred that design down the entire front of the kit, but it still works. And the blue with white looks nice. They both have kind of a three-dimensional thing going on that stands out from the rest of the pack.


2022 Germany Home kit2022 Germany Away kit

3. Germany

A lot of teams have kits where the crest is down the middle of the shirt, and I don’t really like them. It’s ironic I say that, and two of the top three on the “best kit” list have that design, but it works for Germany while it might look awkward on most other kit designs. Maybe it’s due to the black stripe that centers everything, but Germany’s white kit looks great.


2022 Croatia Home kit2022 Croatia Away kit

2. Croatia

When you have a traditional, iconic kit design, it can be difficult to make it unique every year. Brazil’s yellow kit and Argentina’s blue-and-white striped kit are two examples. Croatia’s red-and-white checkered pattern gets a modern look this World Cup. It’s different enough to make it unique, but we still know that’s a Croatia kit. While the white looks great, it’s the blue/light blue faded checkered pattern that gets them in this spot. Just exquisite designs all around.


2022 Mexico Home kit2022 Mexico Away kit

1. Mexico

I’m all about the red, white, and blue, but Mexico just flat out has better kits than the U.S. Mens National Team and it’s not even close. Mexico makes their kits mean something all the time, connecting them to their country and heritage. They’re not just kits; they’re works of art. Mexico will be the best-looking team at the World Cup.

[Featured Photo: @DFB_Team_EN/All kit photos from World Soccer Shop]

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