Not many professional sports teams are named after a company, though it can be a tiny bit more common in Europe (though still pretty uncommon). But would you want your team to be named after Burger King? I didn’t think so.

The fast-food chain has apparently bid almost $8 million to change the name of Russian soccer club Zenit St. Petersburg to Zenit Burger King. I’m not joking.

Thankfully, even the Russians know naming a club after a mediocre fast-food chain is a terrible idea, and the way they publicly rejected the bid is absolutely hilarious.

Game of Thrones style, baby. How great is that? At least if your team is named after Red Bull, as multiple soccer teams are, at least that can be morphed into something decently respectable. Burger King? There’s no way to turn that into a sports team name without it being absolutely terrible.

This is going to be one of the few good things we say about Russian soccer leading to the 2018 World Cup.


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