Chelsea and Norwich City had their third round FA Cup replay and things were down to the wire. The Premier League giants thought they had the win and a fourth round berth but the Championship side equalized in stoppage time.

The ensuing extra time period turned to be a bit of a disaster for Chelsea as Pedro and Alvaro Morata were both sent off as the game headed to penalties. For Morata, he was booked for diving and in his arguing with the ref, received a second yellow.

That must’ve stuck in the crawl of a certain Chelsea fan as he ran on the pitch to argue Morata’s red with the ref. Security got to the man first but somewhere in the scuffle with security, the fan dropped his cigarettes. And in a sign of being a good sport, Timm Klose went to the fan and gave him back his cigarettes as he was taken away. It’s unclear what exactly it was but it looks like a pack of cigarettes and that’s what the YouTube uploader is claiming them to be so that’s what we’ll go with.

After all this, Chelsea got things together in the penalty shootout and went a perfect five for five, defeating Norwich City. Chelsea get to host Newcastle United in the fourth round but something tells me this man won’t be at that game, or any game in the near future.

[YouTube/Khuda Vendigar]

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