Things are not good at Arsenal right now, such is the case when your side is drubbed 5-1 by Bayern Munich in the Champions League and your domestic form has been less than stellar.

Now it appears that Arsenal’s lone bright spot, Alexis Sanchez, is coming under further pressure to get out of the club as soon as possible. That new pressure comes in the form of an online protest, turned actual march planned in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

According to The Independent, nearly 5,000 fans have signed on to the protest movement demanding that Sanchez move on from the London club which has put so much on Sanchez’s shoulders as of late.

The event description includes the following demand according to the article:

“Chileans are tired of watching one of our stars work alone to bring his team forward. We do not want him to play in Madrid, nor to return to Barcelona,” a description of next month’s march reads.

“The truth is we do not care what team he plays for, we just want to see him fight with ten other players to get results, no longer on his own.”

Said fans may be getting their wish by the end of the season regardless if the planned protest for March 1st doesn’t happen.

The star striker is out of contract in the summer of 2018, and Sanchez has so far refused to sign a contract extension with Arsenal. It is in large part due to the club refusing to open its pocketbook for its best player.

Such is the case for a player who has bagged 20 goals in 33 appearances throughout the campaign for Arsenal.

Then there is the whole situation with Arsene Wenger and his future at the club. According to a BBC report, Wenger will make a decision on his own future in March or April.

What is clear is that Wenger will manage next season — it just may not be in London for Arsenal.

Arsenal could face a future without its star player and/or its long-standing manager heading into the summer. It certainly would be a test for a club that has seen nothing but stability from the top down for over a decade.

But, there may be no bigger test than to find some results to satisfy a ticked-off group of supporters that see a team not advancing in European competition and not winning an English Premier League title since the 2003-04 season.

Clearly this is a club in crisis and it appears Sanchez may be wise to force a transfer to a new home that will not rely so heavily on him being the sole reason for their success or failure.

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