Clinton N'Jie's Snapchat video.

There have been plenty of social media missteps by athletes over the years, but new Dynamo Moscow striker Clinton N’Jie took that to a new level on the weekend. He put out a video of him having sex on his Snapchat feed, which was viewed by thousands of people. (The NSFW video in question has since been deleted, but it lives on in a bunch of YouTube recaps and other such things.) And now, N’Jie has given us an apology and an explanation for the ages, via Oliver Dawnay of talkSport:

N’Jie completed a switch from Marseille to Dynamo Moscow last week in a reported £5m deal and insisted he was merely looking up news about himself when the mishap happened.

On spotting the mistake, he quickly deleted the video and announced the whole incident was a misunderstanding.

As quoted by, he said: “I’m sorry, I had drunk too much.

“I celebrated my new contract and wanted to read the news. I pressed the wrong button.”

All righty then. Well, this is a rare athlete sex situation where the photos or videos in question have come from the athlete rather than who they’re with. If anything, it’s maybe most reminiscent of what happened with then-Manchester City player Samir Nasri in 2016, where tweets from his account claimed he received sexual services from L.A.-based IV firm “Drip Doctors.” (Which, hilariously enough, led to him receiving a six-month ban from soccer…over the IV treatment.) Nasri claimed he was hacked, though, so that’s a little different than N’Jie “pressing the wrong button.”

We’ve seen some people pasting the wrong links before, including a bunch of sportswriters tweeting about porn by mistake. But posting a video of yourself having sex by mistake while trying to “read the news” feels like a new one. Congratulations to N’Jie for pushing forward the frontiers in accidental social media posts.


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