Another anthem has been inexplicably fumbled at Copa America Centenario.

In a match between Mexico and Uruguay on Sunday, the Copa America crew accidently played the wrong national anthem, opting to play the Chilean national anthem instead of Uruguay’s. It was an unforgivable mistake and one you’d think they’d learn from. Well, they didn’t.

Just a day later before the Chile-Argentina match, a screw-up occurred during the Chilean national anthem. This time, the correct anthem was played initially, but towards the end of it, the song stopped. It left Chilean players and fans to sing without music. To top it off, a Pitbull song is played on the speakers as the anthem is still being sung. It’s hilarious, yet incredibly sad.

Thankfully the Chilean fans handled the error like champs, continuing to sing along and do their anthem justice with an impromptu acapella finish.

It’s insane the tournament has once against messed up the anthem. Doing it once, you can at least track the mistake as a one-time error or a technical mishap. Doing it twice is just embarrassing. Panicking and playing Pitbull doesn’t seem like the best temporary solution either. Whoever’s playing the anthems is doing a huge disservice to the tournament.

This is the first time the tournament has been hosted in the United States. Technical errors like Monday’s are small problems that don’t reflect well on organizers. Playing an anthem shouldn’t be a difficult task.


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