Source: Getty Images

Belgium‘s Eden Hazard offered an opinion on Germany‘s pre-match hands-over-mouths team photo from Wednesday. The gesture, meant to push back at FIFA’s ban of One Love armbands during the World Cup was made before Germany’s opening match vs. Japan.

No doubt it’s a salacious answer to a question on what he thought about Germany’s gesture. However, it’s important to offer a little context. Before that snippet, Hazard said “I’m not comfortable talking about it because I’m here to play football… I am not here to send a political message, people are better placed for that.”

The internet was quick to comment on Hazard’s take, with the bulk of Twitter users disagreeing with him.

Both teams play again on Sunday, with Germany facing Spain, and Belgium taking on Morocco. We can be sure Hazard won’t be taking a stand or making any gestures.