England has always loved heroes named Harry, and today they had two real live versions to go along with the fictional one.

Harrys (Harries?) Kane and Maguire both scored to carry England over Ukraine and into the semifinals of Euro 2020, their second consecutive trip to the semis of a major tournament after their run to the semifinals at the 2018 World Cup. Kane bagged a brace, while Maguire buried a header off a free kick. (Also Jordan Henderson scored.)

It was a fairly clinical performance, really, with Ukraine having few chances and fewer truly threatening moments.

Just hours after Denmark advanced in part due to a goal within the first five minutes, England matched the feat, thanks to Kane’s opener.

Kane took a lot of criticism early in the tournament for not scoring despite not receiving any consistent service (and despite being clearly one of the top goalscorers in the world), so it’s nice to see the sample size/regression gods reward him here.

Maguire was next up, after the halftime break:

The man has a head built for smashing balls into the back of a net, so that finish wasn’t too surprising. But his return from injury has been a key element to England’s success; their defense and entire system flows more smoothly with Maguire out there pushing forward at the right times while dominating in the air. The set piece threat he brings is almost just a bonus.

Kane followed with another for a brace:

And then, yeah, Jordan Henderson scored, the former national team captain putting his first goal in the net for his England.

That made it 4-0 and it was pretty much over. England brought on a host of subs in the second half to help alleviate the threat of yellow card suspensions for the semifinals; all yellows are wiped out after the quarterfinal round, but had a key member of the squad already on a yellow received one today they would have had to miss out.

England moves on to face Denmark, traveling back home to Wembley for the rest of the tournament. Whoever wins that semifinal will be the likely sentimental favorite against the winner of Italy and Spain; England for the obvious football coming home storyline, while Denmark has made their run in the wake of the near-tragic loss of Christian Eriksen on the field during their opening match.

At this point, though, given England’s defensive dominance (no goals allowed in the tournament) and offensive awakening, in addition to the home field advantage, they’re going to be an incredibly tough out.

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