The 2022 World Cup Final match between France and Argentina on Sunday was arguably the single most exciting and entertaining contest of the entire tournament. It was an incredible back-and-forth match that ultimately saw Lionel Messi and Argentina earning the victory in penalty kicks after a 3-3 tie following extra time.

The sports world had plenty to say about the thrilling match, with many praising Argentina star Lionel Messi for earning his first World Cup trophy with a two-goal performance against France. But one Tweet from ESPN missed the mark for many.

Following the match, ESPN posted a cringeworthy meme that included Thanos from The Avengers movies from Marvel Studios.

“Messi can finally rest and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe,” the Tweet said, showing a picture of Thanos from the Marvel movies The Avengers holding the FIFA World Cup trophy while wearing an Argentina soccer jersey.

The cringe-worthy Tweet caused quite a stir around the sports world, who blasted ESPN for the meme.

“ESPN does not want soccer to prosper here,” yc said in a Tweet.

“painfully corny christ” Treb said in a Tweet.

“Can y’all be normal for one second,” Joe Buettner said.

“I need y’all to finish watching these movies,” saintwarrick said on Twitter.

It was certainly not ESPN’s best work.