angry birds-everton

Soccer teams have long been slapping advertisements on their jerseys to generate some extra revenue, and the fad has slowly made its way into the North American sports scene, with NFL practice jerseys and the NBA regular-season uniforms sporting sponsors on jerseys starting this season. While most sponsorships are generally viewed as a part of daily life for most soccer fans, Everton fans are a bit angry about the latest sponsor on their team’s jerseys.

Everton’s newest sponsor is Angry Birds, the popular mobile game from Rovio that has spawned off a number of spinoffs across multiple platforms and even led to a Hollywood animated production. Angry Birds is still going strong, and now the logo for the game can be seen slapped across the left sleeve of Everton’s jerseys.

From a design standpoint, the Angry Birds logo is rather large and obtrusive. It takes away from what is otherwise a fine-looking kit. At least it keeps within the color scheme though. Regardless, fans are not particularly happy about it and are poking fun at the look on Twitter.f

At least Rovio has a sense of humor about the whole thing…


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