Premier League player attacked

A Tottenham fan went after Arsenal goalie Aaron Ramsdale after a match on Sunday.

After Arsenal’s 2-0 win in the Premier League match, a fan climbed over the railing to kick Ramsdale before being restrained.

According to The Guardian, the Arsenal goalie had been jawing with some fans immediately after the match, even sticking out his tongue and pointing at the badge on his shirt. After exchanging some harsh words with a Tottenham player, Ramsdale went to retrieve his water bottle near the stands when the fan moved in.

“The Spurs fans were giving me some [stick] throughout the second half,” Ramsdale said (via The Guardian). “I gave them some back and the people I did it to [took it in the right spirit]. And then a fan jumped over and gave me a little punch in the back.”

“That’s what happened and it’s a shame as it’s just a game of football at the end of the day. Thankfully nothing too drastic happened. It’s a sour taste but I’m sure we’ll enjoy it when we’re back in the dressing room.”

A Spurs team statement said, “We are appalled by the behaviour of a supporter that attempted to attack Aaron Ramsdale at the end of today’s match. Violence in any form has no place in football. The club has reviewed its CCTV footage to identify the supporter and will be working with the Met Police, Arsenal and Aaron Ramsdale to take the strongest possible action, including an immediate ban from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.”

[The Guardian; Photo credit: Peacock]

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