Lower league and African soccer has had a week. On the lower league side, a player in France was suspended five years for biting an opponent (banned six months) in the penis. On the African side, a coach in Zanzibar celebrated beating his former team by dropping his pants and was suspended six months.

This notable incident combined the two as a fan did something I’m sure many fans thought about doing but had the sense not to act on that. Instead of a regular pitch invasion, a fan drove their car onto the field in a third division South African league game to reportedly try and run over the referee for what I assume is a bad call.

Other than the tweet, there isn’t much context but honestly, is any context needed? Someone drove their car on the field, traveling pretty fast, and everyone scattered while the fans for some reason laughed. At least within the video, it thankfully looked like nobody got hit but this was a whole other level of anger toward officiating.

Referees get a lot of crap from almost everyone when a bad call is made but maybe just boo next time. This is a bit much.

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