After Jake Arrieta’s recent no-hitter in Cincinnati, a fan made his way onto the field to celebrate with the Cubs Arrieta’s accomplishments.

That fan was promptly escorted out as expected for violating the rules of fans not being permitted on the field.

At a Vancouver Whitecaps-Sporting Kansas City game on Wednesday night, another fan got involved in the on-field festivities, but this time it was from his seat and it involved popcorn. The fan threw popcorn at Sporting Kansas City’s Dom Dwyer (husband of USWNT’s Sydney LeRoux)… and was immediately tackled by BC Place security:

Ouch. That hit was harder than the one Drew Barrymore avoided from a Fenway Park security guard in Fever Pitch.

I mean the fan just threw some popcorn at a player. It’s too bad the video doesn’t show if the popcorn wasn’t eaten like Dani Alves and the banana.

What sticks out and makes this situation different is the way the security guards pummeled the fan who threw the popcorn. It’s not like the popcorn was deadly or covered in spikes.

Regardless, the takeout was brutal, but nowhere near as bad as some of these:

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