Poppy shirt

England and Scotland recently played each other in a FIFA World Cup Qualifier and showed a sign of unity by wearing armbands with poppy emblems to honor those lost in military conflicts. The poppies are commonplace in England around Remembrance Day, but such armbands are typically frowned up by FIFA rules designed to restrict such emotions or statements. England and Scotland didn’t care.

The football associations for both England and Scotland knew going in this would not be received kindly by FIFA, but they didn’t care and opted to move forward with the armbands anyway. Both federations were willing to accept any consequences for their decisions, further proving England and Scotland were on the same page about a tribute. But FIFA will be FIFA, and will now go full FIFA on England and Scotland.

According to the Associated Press, FIFA has opened a disciplinary case against England and Scotland over the armbands during the recent World Cup qualifying match. The most severe case is likely just a fine and perhaps a public slap on the wrist. Considering the victims the armband was designed to honor, this seems like a small price to pay to pay respects to those who lost their lives fighting for their countries.

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