Gareth Southgate England Photo Credit: Mirror Football

England and manager Gareth Southgate were met with harsh criticisms following their World Cup match.

The England club had a 0-0 draw result against the United States on Friday. England was favored by many and was expected to win the match. However, the USMNT pulled together a strong effort. While they could’ve won the match, they took the draw and are now in a win-and-in scenario against Iran.

England is in a good spot also, but frustration mounted Friday. Southgate in particular was panned by both fans and the media. Fans of the England team who traveled to Qatar let their frustrations be heard. They booed the England team and the manager, Southgate, off the pitch following the match.

Several of them also had a lot to say about Southgate after the match concluded in Qatar.

Following the draw, the manager spoke to the media. During his availability, Southgate had a response to the boos. Via Mirror Football he said, “People are going to react how they’re going to react. I can’t let that affect how I feel.”

As far as responses go, this was a level-headed one. Southgate also admitted after the match that he believed the USMNT would provide a tough challenge and they did.

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