A new website called Football Leaks has, since November, been leaking once-confidential contracts that surrounded player movement in world soccer. The site had previously leaked details for many big name transfers but on Wednesday, it posted the documents to what is now confirmed to be the most expensive transfer in football history: Gareth Bale’s.

Real Madrid had always claimed that the fee paid to Tottenham in the summer of 2013 was not the most expensive transfer ever, arguably to keep another Galactico, Cristiano Ronaldo, appeased. But the leak shows that Real kept portions of the transfer fee secret, meaning the fee was not the publicized €91.59 million, but €100,759,418, €4 million bigger than the fee Real paid Manchester United in 2008 to sign Ronaldo away from Old Trafford.

Jonathan Barnett, Bale’s long-time agent, is none too pleased with the document being leaked. “There should be an inquiry and an independent investigation because it’s outrageous,” he told The Telegraph. “There also needs to be an apology from the Football Association to the clubs and the player. I think it’s disgraceful that people can get hold of this sort of stuff. It shows complete disregard for both clubs and the player.”

The transfer documents also said that Spurs have the right to match any future fee for a Bale transfer to another Premier League club, and that all publicity had to mention that the fee was the mentioned €91.59 million, not €100 million.

Ronaldo has reportedly been unsettled with Los Merengues and rumors have been swirling that he might make a return to Old Trafford, or even make a move to big spenders PSG.

With Real’s concerted effort to keep the true fee concealed in order to keep Ronaldo happy, and their struggles on the pitch this season, it seems the situation at the Bernabeu is getting less tenable with each passing day.

You can read the entire transfer document at MARCA.


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